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Networking Strategist focused on Social Media – http://xeeme.com/IvoNew 

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Content Curation http://www.scoop.it/u/ivo-novy

After more than 20 years of corporate experience in business – customer service & quality & real estate & advisory, Ivo Nový founded Social Media Consulting Company with a mission to help NonProfit organizations, Entrepreneurs and their Companies to optimize and grow their worldwide business via Social Media and Social Media Marketing.

Expertise of Ivo Nový ranges mainly from strategic Networking, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Services (using various Social Media Sites from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to those such as Pinterest, So.cl, Empire Avenue, Quora, Scoop.It and some others) to their active and purposeful everyday usage.

Ivo helps primarily to those subjects, who proactively seek help, advice and consultancy and are willing to achieve their own long term goals with the aid of Social Media and their powerful leveraging tools.